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To Play: Click on a question first. Next, click on the correct answer from the list on the right!


What do you call four cows with their tails switching? A team
What do cows buy when they go to Hawaii? New 's
Why did kids line up at the dairy farm after the earthquake? To get
Why did the herd of cattle get lost? They got a bum
Did you hear about the farmer who forgot to milk his cows? It was an disaster
Why did the calf get teased about his hair? He had a lot of -licks
What do you call a cow with a ribbon wrapped around it? A
What does a bull have in the middle of his tummy? His -y button
What kind of cars do steers like to take on trips? -acs
Where do calves line up for lunch? In the -eteria
Why did the steer refuse to move along with the rest of the group?
He'd been taught to be seen not

Stories from the Rhyming Dictionary

Every once in a while, I find a list of words in the rhyming dictionary that is fun to play with. For instance, if you look under El'a (short e) you will find words that lead to El-ur and El and to a good laugh. Remember when you are playing you don't have to follow rules! Write your own story!

A Little Novella About Cinderella

She lived with her stepmother, Queen Isabella
and her two ugly stepsisters, Stella and Della
who wanted to marry the handsome young fellah
the prince and the son of King Acapella.

An invitation came, including Cinderella,
for a dance to be held up in the castella
in hopes of finding a wife for the fellah,
the prince, the son of King Acapella.

The princesses practiced the tarantella
and seamstresses sewed gowns of yellah to sella
to every princess except Cinderella.

The night of the ball brought clouds and rain fella
and who do you think got to hold the umbrella
and arrived soaking wet—you're right, Cinderella!
"What a shame, you can't come," said Queen Isabella
"It would be a disgrace to King Acapella."

Cinderella was soaked—life was not going wella
when out stepped her godmother, lovely Marcella.
A flip of the wand from the old fortune-tellah
fixed her hair, gave her jewels, and that magic spella
gave the poor girl a gown of bright yellah
and slippers of glass to dazzle the fellah.

No one recognized her—no one could tellah
that they were all looking at Cinderella.

You know what they say, all's well that ends wella
the prince has a princess, and it's Cinderella!

Write Your Own Story

To Play: Now here is a list of words that are good for your own story using the following sounds: OUN, OUND, OWN. Some words are used more than once. After you fill this in, make another short story using the words differently.
  • Clown
  • Hound
  • Downtown
  • Frown
  • Mound
  • Ground
  • Found
  • Hound
  • Brown
  • Round

A with a was walking past an ice cream shop and a boy with a . His ice cream had flipped off his cone to the . A scoop of marvelous mint was melting . The ice cream tasted good to his . The reached deep in his pocket and 59 cents and bought two scoops of and green marvelous mint to erase the boy's .


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