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   Children see the world in fresh and    wonderful ways. I took this student's    colorful sun...

Reasons For Children To Meet Authors

"I never saw a real live author. I thought all the authors were dead."

"You are a great thinker. I like the story you told us. I told my cousin the story you told us. I told a lot of people. I am going to tell my mom and Bob and my sister. I will tell it to my dogs and cats. But I don't think they will understand it. But I do."

"The first sentence of the book When I'm Hungry is sort of like me. (I love bananas)."

"I learned that you can be anything you want to be in this world."

   ...and this student's wonderful trees...
Reasons for Authors to Meet Children

I like your books
And I like you
I'm very nice,
And so are you.

"I hope you can come to my house for my birthday. You've got a great job. Do you have lunch? Everybody has to have lunch."

"You are a good artist —strong, super, fantastic, incredible, great, clever and sensible."

    ...and created this image!

"I hope to meet you again some day and maybe we could have a picnic together!"


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