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Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round

Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round
written by Teri Sloat, illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott
DK Publishing, 1999

Available in paperback from Dorling Kindersley!

• Utah State Reading List
• Junior Library Guild Selection


Kirkus: A wild and silly tale told in rhyme…This cleverly written story will tickle the funny bones of the nursery school set.

Horn Book: Sloat's frisky verse captures all the barnyard bungle.

About the Book

All of the Farmer Brown books are based on the man to whom I'm married, whose name is Bob. When Bob goes round and round, it is usually to go out to the shop to get something, then he forgets what he went after, so he comes back to the house to remember, then goes back to the shop to get what he went after, forgets again, and has to come back into the house to remember. That's what going around in circles means sometimes. We went to see a movie called Twister that had a cow flying through the air, and the story turned into a book about a tornado. Besides, when you watch animals on a farm, it is the rooster who thinks he knows more than the farmer.

Teacher Activities

  • Make a list of everything Farmer Brown had to repair after the tornado. What are the tools a farmer must have for repairing things?
  • Study tornadoes and other weather phenomena. Did you know that in some places during a tornado, they tie their chickens to the ground with vines? What would Farmer Brown have done if he had known the tornado was coming?
  • Vocabulary activity: How many weather words can you find in the story?
  • Make your own story of a tornado mixing things up in a different way.



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