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Pieces of Christmas
written and illustrated by Teri Sloat

About the Book

Remember all the stamps that were in alphabetical order for the book I thought I was going to do called Aardvark Angels All Around? They are the stamps falling from the sky in Pieces of Christmas.

The book is dedicated to Laura Godwin (the editor) because she encourages me to play with ideas and have a good time being an author. She reminded me that my imagination and interest are good signs that someone else will enjoy the idea too.

The poems in the book are only 4 lines long, little “pieces” or parts of a bigger story of what happens when Santa has finished making his deliveries all over the world. The pieces of letters falling might look like big flakes of snow, but they are pieces of letters that Santa received from my children.

Designing and making stamps is still a hobby. Postage and all the labels are fascinating to me.

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© Teri Sloat 2006