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From One to One Hundred

From One to One Hundred
written and illustrated by Teri Sloat
Puffin, Scholastic, 1991

Available in paperback from Scholastic (2nd Grade Math Packet) and from Puffin Books!

• Sesame Street Magazine: Reviewer's Choice
• Scholastic Book Club
• Scholastic: Spanish
• Young Hoosier Award List
• American Association for the Advancement of Science: Best Children's Science Book List 1991
• Scholastic 2nd Grade Math Packet
• SF Chronicle Reviewer's Choice


Publisher's Weekly: This inventive counting book is jam-packed with information, as each page cleverly incorporates a numeral into a distinctive, energetic scene. A simple, primarily pictorial legend beneath each illustration identifies the numeral and designates objects…that can be counted in the picture. Sloat's ingenious, whimsical drawings depict an amazing variety of locales, from barnyard to desert to museum…Readers will pore over the fine details, enjoying the sly humor and relishing the challenge of counting 70 bumblebees or 90 gold nuggets. All ages.

About the Book

This book was made to be a companion to From Letter to Letter. My editor said I needed to have fun, and I started thinking of scenes that were little stories on their own for each number. If you look at each numeral, you will see that something is about to happen that the character is not aware of. For example, did you know that the boy in the tree on the number 3 page is about to have his tree house chopped down by beavers and that the possums are reading his books while he's asleep?

When the first ten characters go into the dressing room and change their clothes, they are getting ready to be in the following scenes. The princess from number 1 becomes the girl in the show in number 10; the boy in the zoo in number 2 puts on a safari suit and appears on the raft in number 20.

My daughter, Carrie, now a graphic designer, helped me put down the first layers of color on many of the pictures.

My daughter, Becky, was 5 when I was making this book, and the 100 children on the cover are Becky (center, bottom row) and her 84 kindergarten schoolmates, 10 characters from the book, and 5 more that are made up!

Planning this book was like a game. I had fun deciding how to design the numerals, grouping objects together to count, and deciding how many things to fit into the scene. It was the hardest book I have done, but it was also the most fun!



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